You need fast turns and delivery dates you can trust. That’s why you can expect an immediate response from us!

“CAN” is in our name. At American Carton, we are committed to helping you meet your customers’ demands. Our typical lead times are two weeks or less because we invest in our customers’ needs. We have multiple qualified, domestic suppliers for all raw materials to guarantee continuity of our supply chain. Our inventories of raw materials, including paperboard are strong and we can do sheeting in-house.  With that, we are able to respond with promptness and flexibility when our customers have an emergency.  Above all, our customers are part of our family, and are treated as such. We go above and beyond to ensure your experience with American Carton is nothing short of exceptional.   You don’t have time to wait to get your product on the shelfWe understand, time wasted could mean a lost opportunity.  At American Carton, you’re supported by a team of experts dedicated to helping you achieve your packaging goals.
Experience it for yourself!  We encourage you to  Schedule a tour  and check out our day-to-day operations in the Dallas – Fort Worth area!.